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How to Reach Ambarnath Shiva Temple

How to Reach Ambarnath Shiva Temple

How to Reach Ambarnath Shiva Temple

Ambarnath (also referred to as Ambreshwar) is an iconic Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located along the Vadavan River in 11th-century. Boasting exquisite Hemadpanthi style carving, Ambarnath stands as an extraordinary sight.

Tourists visiting Mumbai can access this location via private cabs or trains, with the sanctum sanctorum hidden below ground accessible via descending some steps.

How to Reach Ambarnath Shiva Temple by Road

Ambarnath’s Shiva temple is a beloved pilgrimage destination and tourist spot, drawing visitors for centuries. Devoted to Lord Shiva and boasting spectacular natural surroundings, making this ancient shrine an excellent spot for relaxation and spiritual enlightenment.

Ambareshwar, an iconic Hindu temple constructed in Hemadpanthi style and featuring exquisite stonework. There are 20 steps leading up to its inner sanctum known as Garbhagriha where there resides an Swayambhu Shiv Ling; legend has it that Pandavas spent some of their exile in Ambernath; hence this structure has come to be known as Pandava Temple.

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to reach this beautiful temple is by road – you can use your own vehicle or hire a cab to reach it. Additionally, frequent train services will transport you directly from Mumbai CST station directly to Ambarnath Railway Station within an hour’s time.

Mumbai Airport is just a short distance away, providing access to local taxi and transportation services for getting you directly to the temple.

How to Reach Shiv Mandir in Ambarnath by Train

Ambernath Shiv Temple in Maharashtra is one of the top tourist spots. Devoted to Lord Shiva, this temple is also known as ‘Temple of Pandava Era’ and offers stunning examples of Indian art from eleventh-century. As a natural wonder and must-visit destination, tourists should plan a visit. Mumbai Airport provides access; private cabs or local trains can transport you there easily.

In 1060 AD, Raja Mambani of Shilahara constructed this temple. Later rebuilt by his son Mumuni, this masterpiece of Hindu architecture represents both Shilahara and Chalukya styles and allows the skylights in through an abrupt end of its shikhara tower just above its mandapa height.

This temple opens daily at 5 AM and closes in the evening at 9 PM, drawing large numbers to seek blessings from Lord Shiva during Maha Shivratri. Additionally, its roof provides stunning views of sunrise and sunset – perfect for enjoying this majestic place of worship!

How to Reach Shiv Mandir in Ambarnath by Air

Shiv Mandir Temple can be found in Ambernath in Maharashtra, India and dates back to 11th century Hindu worship. Commonly referred to as Ambreshwar Shiva temple, this revered structure has become one of the main tourist spots on Matheran Tour as one of its heritage tourism spots.

Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is an exquisite example of Hemadpanthi style architecture, constructed with black basalt stone. A striking Shiv linga can be found enshrined under an open sky in Garbhagriha underground chamber; unlike most temples, its sanctum sanctorum can be reached via 20 steps down from mandapa.

This temple is set among mango and tamarind trees, creating a gorgeous scenery. Devotees flock here during Mahashivaratri festival to pay their respects at this shrine.

Mumbai International Airport is roughly 50 kilometres away, providing travellers with easy access to Ambernath Shiv Mandir via taxi or local transport services. Ambernath railway station, two kilometres away, connects well with other cities – making train travel the ideal way to arrive at Ambarnath Shiv Mandir; although traveling via road may also work.

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