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How to reach antriksh parshwanath temple 

How to reach antriksh parshwanath temple

How to reach antriksh parshwanath temple

Shri Antriksh Parshwanath Teerth is an important Jain pilgrimage, conveniently connected by roads and railways.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Parshvanath, the twenty-fourth Jain Tirthankara. It features many captivating artistic temple works which inspire awe.

It is believed that this statue of Lord is suspended midair as a result of a prophetic dream a farmer experienced.

How to reach antriksh parshwanath temple by Road

The floatable Jain idol of Lord Parshvanath can be found in Shirpur village in Maharashtra. Believed to have been created out of black stone, the statue stands less than a foot high and sits meditatively known as dhyanastha ardha-padmasana pose.

According to legend, Khara and Dushana created an idol of God Parshvanath out of sand and cow dung which they worshiped initially before realizing the image wasn’t their own and so hid it away somewhere in the ground. Later on a Raja of Ellichpur happened upon this location and noticed a small pool of water not much bigger than a cow’s hoofmark beneath a tree – drinking this water and finding that his white leprosy had completely vanished after taking a sip from this pool!

Subsequently, Lord instructed the king to remove an idol from the ground; however, when he tried he was unable to budge it from its position in midair – hence its current location being known as Antarksha Parshwanath Tirth Temple. To commemorate this event and commemorate God, King ordered that an altar was constructed at this spot on which was found this idol with 16 Vedis of gods that are said to possess medicinal qualities; plus well water known for medicinal properties as part of his command by Him!

How to reach antriksh parshwanath temple  by Train

Washim District’s Jain shrine is an important pilgrimage spot. Conveniently connected by train services, visitors to this popular tourist spot often seek Lord Parshwanath here.

In 1715 (Vikram Samvat), Jain Bhavvijayji visited this tirth with the intention of recovering his lost sight, drinking from the well and getting it restored through drinking its waters. Subsequently, he carried out repairs and renovations on an idol known as Antriksh Parshwanath which eventually caused it to hover seven fingers above the ground resulting in its being given its current name of Antriksh Parshwanath.

Temple in enchanting natural scenery revered by thousands of devotees. A pilgrimage to this shrine provides inspiration for noble conduct, self-discipline and penance among devotees; furthermore it allows seekers to form new bonds.

How to reach antriksh parshwanath temple by Air

Sirpur in Maharashtra’s Akoki District would simply be another one-horse community without its most revered shrine – Antariksha Parshwanath is believed to float midair and receives visits from over 50,000 devotees who come annually to pay homage.

According to popular legend, Jain demons Khara and Dushana created Antariksha Parshwanath from cow dung and sand and hidden it in a well in Werul (Ellora). Later on, King Shripal discovered it and consumed its waters to cure himself of leprosy; upon finding this miracle cure he established a temple for it that became known as Antariksha Parshwanath.

This statue, depicting a sitting Buddha, stands three and a half feet in height. It sits meditatively with its cobra-adorned hood perched atop its head; made entirely of black stone it makes for a fine example of sculpture.

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